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 Kurt Thompson’s approach to the trumpet is provocative. Kurt has assembled and
analyzed a compilation of trumpet techniques that will force you to think about
approaching the trumpet in ways that you would not have considered.
Kurt is a kind teacher and does not embarrass or humiliate. If you take his four month
course you will improve and perhaps change the way that you play the instrument. The
trumpet course is a lot of work and if you cannot commit the time and willingness to
work hard you probably should not get involved.
There are over sixty trumpet techniques, some of which you probably either never heard
about or had not considered utilizing the techniques. This forces you out of your
comfort zone and you will struggle, so leave your ego out of the learning experience.
If the goal is to improve than any momentary embarrassment will lead to being able to
play stronger and better. If you are willing to pay that price then you will improve. But do
not expect to master the trumpet after four months of coaching. Finishing the course is
only the start. Now you have to memorize the new habits that you have learned.
Kurt also teaches by example. He will play for you what he is asking you to work on.
This shows you that it can be achieved, although some of the techniques, such as a
four octave glissando might require more time than the four months to perfect the
Kurt advises to not change any equipment or make any changes to your embouchure. I
changed my embouchure to the Stevens/Costello/ Roy Roman “Ultimate Position”
embouchure and Kurt did not put me down or scold. Kurt made me aware of some of
the effects that “upstream” embouchure might have on my playing. Then he tailored
some exercises to enhance the change in embouchure and was quite patient while I
struggled to learn an entirely different approach to playing.
There you have it, a great teacher.
Thanks Kurt
Tony Letizi! July 10, 2012
Sonoma County, California



Well, Kurt you were right this time. At first thought, having a trumpet lesson by phone doesn't seem doable, but once I actually had you on the phone, it was like you were here in my living New York! I just wanted to say thanks and you can make me famous by putting my email up on your site! hahaha. Your 4 month program took my range from a weak double F to a SOLID double A....I can play GIVE IT ONE now!!!!!!!!!!!

Herb Shapiro, White Tie Big Band



 Only just two months ago I was lost in how to double tongue much less triple tongue. I have been playing for 7 years now and I am in my Junior year of highschool and I have always struggled with how to go about accomplishing the speed I wanted with a firm tone. Your videos on double and triple tongue practice helped build a base and I have worked on it considerably. I just wanted to say thank you because I can finally play Al Hirt's Green Hornet with a respectable speed and skill. ( now if only i could reach the double G consistently!)




Good to hear from you. Does this work for a quote?

"This trumpet program with with Kurt was filled with useful techniques and exercises that I have incorporated into my routine and have greatly improved my range and strength. Thanks Kurt!"

Ari M.


Great guy, but with an edge! hahahahah. my range went from high e above high c to a piercing double a and it took me about 4 months and 3 long lessons***** Michael F.






Hi Kurt,

Sorry I missed your email until just now. Hope the interview went well. If you'd like to give my cell phone number to someone looking for a reference, feel free to use it. (925) xxx-xxxx.


Paul O’


***** Thanks! ur video lessons were worth a good bit and my son can watch them over and over


***** Dear Mr. Kurt,


Because of your trumpet instruction and all my son's hard practice, HE MADE LEAD TRUMPET! He beat out the senior that had lead last year.

We are in your debt. thanks soooooooo very much.


Debbie W.


We have known Kurt Thompson since October 2007 when our son, Kyle, began taking trumpet instruction from Kurt.


We have been pleased with the instruction that Kyle receives. Kyle has been taking a 45 minute weekly trumpet lesson since the Fall of 2007, and Kyle has made wonderful progress as a trumpeter and a musician.


Kyle is now 13 years old and is in 8th grade. Kurt and Kyle continue to work well together. Kurt brings the appropriate balance of challenge, attention to brass technique & musicianship and friendliness to the private trumpet lesson time and assignments; Kurt has helped coached Kyle from an eager 6th grade newbie to a very strong high intermediate player.


With kind regards,

Viola L.

Pleasant Hill, CA



“Recently I took Mr. Kurt Thompson’s Quest For Triple C Upper Register Class and I have been very impressed by the quality of it. The unique combination of teaching unparalleled techniques and the professional yet comforting and stimulating way the online trumpet lesson itself is given has been a major step forward in reaching the high notes I need to play. It’s like talking to a friend sharing his deepest secrets on achieving the true high upper register.”


Arvind K. - Holland




I hope this still serves you in some manner.Our son is 13 and lives in Pleasant Hill, CA.

He took Saxaphone lessons from Kurt for a year, 45 minute lessons once per week.

He very much enjoyed his music lessons, learned much about jazz techniques and much more about music theory than he could have learned in school.

Unfortunately due to the economic crisis, we were unable to continue, but Aaron did learn very much and we recommend Kurt highly.

Dave and Eunice, Pleasant Hill, CA


Kurt what can I say da man! hella cool online lessons and you got some really insance freaky high notes. i cant play any maynerd stuff but my lead playing is now in the pocket brother!

Luke I.


Mr. T, thankya again for helping me....the trombones hate my new found sound and hi F# peels paint now. 

Steve K.





Michael V Middle School Student took approx 2 years of intermediate Euphonium/Baritone lessons weekly.

Alex V Elementary School Student took beginning piano lessons for 6 months. 30 minute lessons weekly.

Both my boys really enjoyed taking music lessons from Kurt. Alex was younger and motivated because Kurt was a male teacher and his older brother was taking lessons. For beginning piano this was ideal.

Both of my boys felt Kurt was a good teacher and they had fun taking private music lessons from him. Michael reports he really learned breathing techniques, new scales, better tone, rhythmns, notes, increased high range and helped him play songs he feels he could not otherwise play. Working with Kurt helped Mike qualify for the CMEA Honor Band. During music lessons Mike was able to both practice his lessons and learn to improvise for future jazz participation later with drums. He also introduced Mike to music in our community including theBlue Devils Drum Corp which Michael joined this year with drums. Kurt's own skills plaing the trumpet was an inspiration to my boys.


Sharon V  Danville, CA 94526


I cant believe i got my first double c. i got it i really got it. omg.

when can i get my next trumpet lesson???

Kaylie C.


Kurt you truly are a major mother in the world of trumpet and beautifully sounding soaring highnotes. Wow, how many more trumpet lessons until i play like you!

Brenden Y.



Hello Mr.Kurt, thank you very much for accepting me in your FB acct. Im one of your big fans regarding playing higher notes on trumpet. when i first saw your youtube videos giving lessons in higher notes especially the bud MP exe. I was so amazed then I tried the what you called Bud mp technique, but I started using fluglehorn mp till now for 2weeks, before i got D above the staff but when I tried that bud mp tech. i got E above the staff but still not solid E but atleast I can hit the E above the staff. Anyway I graduated in University of the Philippines College of Music major in trumpet on 2003...but still can hit only D above the staff because I did not practise tpt consistent or every day since I graduated because I got married and decide to have a bussiness, but now Im going back seriously on my horn... and I hope I can hit that higher notes so that I can apply it in some jazz gig. Thank you so much Mr.Kurt

Jethro Torres