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Tons of Trumpet Players Talking About Their Success With This 16 Week Trumpet Lessons Course:





"So you want better ...


Range and Endurance"?

Here are 75 Surefire Range Stategies no one is telling you about: Kurt Thompson, Pro Trumpet Player, Trumpet Lessons, Credentialed Teacher/Band Director & Maynard Ferguson Tribute Soloist
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Dear Friend,
WHY do very few trumpet players play so easily in the upper register - while many trumpet players put up with painful mouthpiece pressure and extreme difficulty trying to ring out those high notes in the high range? What if there was a way a trumpet player could, in a short period of time, improve their current upper high range register by as much as 3 or 4 or 5 notes, and possibly, Incredibly, 1 Octave! ...and double, triple, or quadruple their endurance - What trumpet playing opportunities and gigs would open up as a result?
"My range on trumpet went from High E above High C to a piercing Double A......"
Michael Franklin, Come-back Player
"This trumpet lessons program with Kurt was filled with useful techniques  and exercises that I have incorporated into my routine. They have greatly improved my range and strength. Thanks Kurt!"
- Ari M., M.M.E. Freelance Trumpeter



If you are...

  • a High school Trumpet, French Horn, or Trombone player in band

  • a Trumpet , Trombone, Tuba, Euphonium, French Horn major in college

  • a Come-back player
  • a Freelance Professional Trumpeter, French Hornist, Trombonist
  • a Hobbyist musician
  • a 3rd part player forever dreaming to play 1st part or lead trumpet


... you are about to discover the most often overlooked truth about how to achieve unstoppable high range and endurance on trumpet or any brass instrument. 


#1 Rated Online Trumpet and Trombone Teacher For The First Six Months Of 2012 is:

Mr. Kurt Thompson of Los Angeles, CA!

(source: America's Best Teachers Association)


If you've ever wondered what the single most important skill is for any brass player(trumpet, trombone, etc..), that when mastered, would single-handedly account for more success than any other skill, I would tell you, without a doubt -- it's the ability to play accurately and powerfully in the upper register. Think about it: How well could you sightread with a 1 octave range? Very Poorly! How well could you improvise with a 1 octave range? Very Horribly! How many orchestral pieces could you perform with a 1 octave range? Not many!


MYTH: Unless you were born with the natural ability to play in the high range like Maynard Ferguson on trumpet or David Steinmeyer on trombone, you are completely out of luck. Wrong!sp

DISCOVER the one technique that will put you on auto-pilot should you get stage fright. Believe me, auto-pilot is a lifesaver compared to completely going blank.


My Experience With Kurt: I took his 4 month trumpet high range lesson program to increase my trumpet endurance, which sucked when I first started. His guarantee actually is what finally convinced me to jump in and in a weird way, I was hoping I wouldn't get the results he promised just so I could hang with him for a day, but things worked out great! Kurt diagnosed me as a mouthpiece pressure freak which contributed to my very poor  endurance. Finishing the 4 months was tough, but my endurance is killer now and my range on trumpet also went up to F above the staff!

- Riley Cantrell, Trombone Major


FREE BONUS TECHNIQUE at the bottom of this page.($27 value) Find out how trumpet players can increase high range and endurance in as little as 3-4 days, but don't skip the follow important information below:


You will find the one high note trumpet technique that gives you TRIPLE the endurance for the amount of time you practice it i.e. practice it for 20 minutes, but amazingly, get an hour of endurance and playing time on your horn. This one alone is worth your investment in this course.


I've tried Balanced Embouchure, Claude Gordon Systematic Approach, some lessons with Doc Rheinhardt back in 1981 and spent $300 on a gold Prana Monette Mouthpiece. Kurt's 4 month trumpet lesson course is the ONLY thing that significantly improved my high range and endurance!!! I can now play almost all of the lead trumpet charts in the Buddy Rich Library.

I could go on and on Kurt...Thank You!!!!!!!

- Carmine Adams, 62 from South Philly

Here are just a few of the juiciest RANGE building secrets I reveal in the current course that has evolved over the last 4 years (I'll tell you later how *you* can get your hands on the these powerful range improving techniques at a discount on the original course tuition):
  • The incredible Formula for Squeezing out every last drop of range and endurance out of your trumpet at your current level - This proprietary formula, which I invented, is included in the Bonus Technique, but don't cheat: make sure to continue reading all the amazing and unbelievable techniques trumpet players found to be the saving grace for their performance in the upper register.
  • Common trumpet upper register principles that work well in theory and possibly on your couch at home - but fail miserably when you step in to your rehearsal or gig. Countless trumpet players, trombone players, tuba players, baritone players, and french horn players are making these deadly mistakes everyday - and don't even know that they're killing chops and endurance in the process.
  • Why most known or mainstream trumpet and brass methods i.e. Gordon, Stamps, Caruso, Balanced Embouchure, T.C.E., etc.. won't spark true range building phenomena until you learn this very important secret!
  • The one technique that will put you on auto-pilot should you get a case of the jitters or even stage-fright. Believe me, auto-pilot is a lifesaver compared to completely going blank.
  • The one high note trumpet technique that gives you triple the endurance for the amount of time you practice it i.e. practice it for 20 minutes, but amazingly, get an hour of endurance and playing time on your horn. This one alone is worth your investment in this course.
  • The million-dollar Range Technique inspired legendary trumpeter, Bill Chase. (Don't laugh - but my brain was doing cartwheels and backflips when I first discovered this high note technique years ago! This one technique by itself will likely pop your high note range up a half step to 1 full note)

Discover 2 trumpet techniques that instantly test whether or not you are using too much mouthpiece pressure!

  • Why air is important, but it is not the panacea to playing powerful trumpet high notes that some famous trumpet players players would have you believe. Learn the truth so you can reduce your frustration levels and get on to building high range the right way.
  • What happens when you hit a plateau, or you find yourself stuck in a rut? I have a clever trumpet lesson technique that will get you out of that rut and on the road to progress in 2-3 weeks. This won't ever happen during my course, but it eventually happens to all of us - Find Out What To Do 
  • You will absolutely love that almost 1/3 of the Upper Register and High Note Techniques from this course (21 in fact) can be practiced while your trumpet is left in the case. Study, relax, watch TV, drive...while you do these techniques. That means even if you were too busy on a certain day to practice your horn as much as you would have wanted, all is not lost.
  • What you should do if you have a tendency to become dizzy and one product you can purchase from your local drug store that might solve this problem instantly.

 YOU will find one unbelievable trumpet lesson technique that I invented called the 15 Second Note Technique. Like a scale that shows whether you have gained or lost weight, this high note technique reports back in real time whether or not you've made progress on your horn. 100% correct every time.

 So you see, I condensed everything I've learned over the last 20 years about High Range Proficiency and Iron Brass Endurance into 16 hours of pure, unadulterated substance. Quite frankly, there isn't a Trumpet, Trombone, or French Horn Lesson course out there that's as comprehensive as this - at any price - that can propel your trumpet range and endurance to record highs in 16 weeks.
"Hi I am Larry from San Diego, and I play jazz trumpet, and if you are looking at this video or some of the other of Kurt’s trumpet, trombone, and french horn video testimonials, it could be that you are interested in taking this lesson course. You may find that your brass embouchure starts to form in a different way, albeit slightly but you feel new, good things happening........Take it, study it and it will be trumpet exercises and techniques you will have forever."
- Larry karagheusian, trumpeter, August 30, 2012


Free Bonus : - The most often overlooked Trumpet Lesson Technique to Increase High Trumpet Range and Endurance in as little as 3-4 days! This is my free gift for you. By practicing this one horn technique, you will discover up to 1 whole step in high range and high notes plus and up to 25% more playing endurance...TRY IT TO BELIEVE IT!

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In 2013 $675  $297 WITH REVIEWS + DVD 

(complete 16 Week Trumpet Upper Register Course)                                                                            online trumpet lesson

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***with reviews means that I will actually do 3 live lessons on week 5, week 10, and week 16 and spend 30 minutes to 45 minutes each time reviewing the previous 4 weeks of techniques. If you provide your mailing address, you will also be sent the entire DVD set which includes 5 DVDS. The DVDS are higher resolution and better quality. The reviews are highly recommended if you have not participated in my courses before!***   


In 2013 $635  $247 + DVD with NO Reviews  

(complete 16 Week Trumpet Upper Register Course)                                                                                trumpet tutorial

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***In this option you are getting the full DVD set, but you aren't getting the live reviews with me - NO REVIEWS




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