February 1, 2017 @ 4:37 PM

ol yes this band deserves some thumbs down, but lol!!!! For being touted as one of the best schools for music and best jazz bands NOTHING could be further from the truth! I would certainly and easily pit my own college jazz band up against this UNT ONE O' CLOCK LAB BAND for the simple reason? They got NO power lead trumpet!!!
As you have heard and likely why you gave this a thumbs down, the lead player BLASTS out High C's thru F's, but has no POWER LEAD ABILITIES ( double G through double D).
The entire time I was there with this band ( their best), I felt I was listening to a fast freddy hubbard or clifford brown jazz transcription.....
So, how can i go to a school where I PLAY BETTER than the FACULTY ??? i WAS highly considering auditioning here, but I have PLAYED everything they are doing and then I look at the spuriously named: LEAD TRUMPET TEACHER...a girl who is playing at my level of when I was 19 and 20!!!
Then there is John Murphy. An idiot that got to be the head of the UNT JAZZ...ummmm how??? Not on talent that is 100% fucking TRUTH!!!! If John Murphy happened on a gig I was at he would absolutely be OWNED and OBLITERATED!!!! ( musically speaking....hehehe don't get your hopes up)
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