February 25, 2017 @ 4:51 AM

Professional Trumpet Player and Teacher, Kurt Thompson, is now ranked as the number one trumpet teacher and brass coach online and on youtube!
With over 900 videos on youtube, Kurt is the reigning King of Trumpet Instruction online. Kurt Thompson's prowess on trumpet and as a teacher is backed up by 70 VIDEO REVIEWS! Yes, since Kurt started his website, www.trumpetsizzle.com back in 2010, many of his current and past students have enthusiastically left glowing and rave reviews about Kurt's trumpet lessons. Not only did they leave the standard written reviews about Kurt's trumpet lessons, these very satisfied students took it to the next level: They spent their time and recorded a video review talking about Kurt Thompson and his teaching methods. Many of these current and former students also opted to play their trumpet showing off the skills and improvement gained while taking lessons with Kurt. Further, not only trumpet players, but you can watch trombone, french horn, baritone, and Euphonium players also giving reviews on youtube by video about Kurt Thompson. ALL the video reviews on youtube about Kurt Thompson are positive and upbeat. 
Why is everyone so excited about Kurt Thompson, his teaching tutorials and his brass and trumpet courses? It is because Kurt truly has a one of a kind, unique approach that works for just about all brass players. In fact, as of 2017, Kurt's flagship course, The 16 Week Upper Register Course, is  the best and most successful trumpet range and endurance routine in history. Unlike other great courses like Gordon, Stevens, Caruso where those courses, books and routines work for some trumpet students and brass players, Kurt's trumpet course is 100% successful for ALL brass players as long as they follow his instruction to the letter.
Finally, Kurt Thompson is a Youtube Trumpet Teacher Hero because after all: HIS MORE THAN 900 MUSIC TEACHING TRUMPET VIDEOS ARE...FREE!