January 5, 2017 @ 3:15 AM

http://www.trumpetsizzle.com/Lead-Tru... First things first: Maynard was and still is my Trumpet Idol! Many can hear the essence of Maynard in my own playing style! That said, Maynard was not PERFECT nor was he an ANGEL! Time after time year after year, I receive negative feedback, comments, emails, etc from people saying I am too cocky, confrontational, flamboyant, self absorbed, arrogant and that I should strive to be more like Maynard Ferguson. These idiots don't KNOW the real Maynard Ferguson. They only know and consider Maynard Ferguson from age 60 until his death and YES, he was gentle, giving, kind and not very competitive during this last decade and a half. BUT FOLKS!!!! At age 30, 40, 50 Maynard was a hard core partier, womanizer, druggy, boozer, cocky, and always stirring the pot! WE only know SOME of the stories so just imagine ALL the stories of the REAL Maynard in Charlie Barnett's Big Band. Remember that Charlie Barnett and his band were banned from so many cities due to extreme partying, hell raising, boozing, drugs, etc.... Ahhhhh You didn't know that? So, I , Kurt Thompson, do not even come close to the hell raising, trouble making, party making rebel that was....MAYNARD FERGUSON! The REAL Maynard Ferguson: Hell Raiser, Rebel, Addict He Would Tell You To "FUCK OFF" In a Heart Beat! Boozing and Popping Pills? Most players today only remember Grandpa Maynard....from 1990 until his death in 2006. Yes, during the last 16 years of Maynard's life his drug of choice became FOOD. He no longer hit acid, popped pills, drank to oblivion, chased the dragon, or womanized. My motivation for pointing out these behavorial traits regarding Maynard? On a regular basis, at least once a month, I get hit with this type of comment or email: "Kurt, sure you can play high and some times you even sound a bit like Maynard, but nobody likes you because you are the opposite of Maynard's personality: You are Cocky, Arrogant, Flamboyant, Full Of Yourself. You would do much better if you could mimic Maynard's friendly and easy going style as well as his trumpet playing." Folks? I am a young man full of energy and confidence. I am not on the road like Maynard was: 8 months a year, partying, drugging it up, boozing, skirt chasing, one night stands, popping pills. Maybe once I become old like Maynard did, my attitude will soften. Just remember: Maynard was a cocky son of a bitch and full of himself BEFORE he got old!!!