November 25, 2016 @ 11:07 PM


 This is my FIRST ever Online Promotion on YouTube! Circa 2007. YouTube had only been in existence for 2 years at that time! WOW!
I was playing on my Burbank Donald Benge 5* .460 Trumpet along with my original Neill Sanders 17S mouthpiece..
Trivia: I had spoken to Don many times on the phone and got a lot of history about him and his Dad, Elden Benge.
Can you believe Don's final process was to harden and bake the lacquer on his Burbank trumpets upstairs in his wife's oven?
...Resulting in several close calls and threats of divorce by his wife.....
Can you believe Don put his HOME ADDRESS on every Burbank Trumpet at the time? 
It defintely was on mine!
Donald Benge passed away several years ago and is sorely missed!
That was Nine years ago and only ONE year after Maynard Ferguson, the greatest trumpeter the world had ever seen, passed away. 
For those interested in the evolution of my 16 week upper register course keep reading. For those who are not, go back, rewind, and play along with me on the end of Danny Boy!
9-10 years ago, I had accumulated approximately 35-40 powerful and potent range building techniques. 3/4 of which were my own proprietary techniques...the rest of the techniques were my version of mainstream routines and techniques i.e. Gordon, Caruso, Stevens, Adam, etc...
THE GOOD/THE BAD: Back then, I would teach all 35 techniques in a 2-3 hour afternoon or evening mega lesson. I charged $275.
Although the techniques are awesome and were awesome then, not everybody was getting amazing results. It was hit or miss so some students followed up with me weeks later not too happy or some...even playing worse.
I was sooooo frustrated because these techniques were amazing and had produced results, great results in other previous students of mine.
It would take me another year of experimenting with other students ( sorry guys) and finding out what was missing.
What did I find?
The techniques worked, but 2 things were going WRONG during my mega 3 hour afternoon lesson:
There was so much information to learn with these techniques and since most were mine? There was no foundation or frame of reference for the student. Simply too much, too soon.
No momentum" killed the cat" so to speak.
Because these techniques are so powerful, they are also injurious when swallowed in large quantities. 
So, I experimented with stretching these out over a month, then 2 months, plus I was adding new techniques. Eventually came 3 months, then finally what you see today.
The FINISHED PRODUCT of what consistently produces results for everybody is what you see today:
My current 4 month, semester long Upper Register & Endurance Course containing 75 DIFFERENT Techniques infused with MOMENTUM!
In fact as it stands now, You CANNOT take this course as directed and not get amazing results. Even if you wanted to achieve nothing, you STILL would come away with a few higher notes added and an increase in endurance!
Kurt Thompson