Trumpet Lessons By Kurt Thompson
I have heard you teach this course by phone or Skype. How can you actually help out a trumpet student when you can't see them?


I have a very good ear and have been doing this a long time...a very long time. My first private student was back in 1984!

This Program is a macro approach to mastering the Brass Upper Register, not micro.

This means that I don't need to spend 10 lessons going over and over whether  your lip and jaw placement are forward enough or not enough or whether you curl your lower lip over your teeth too much or if you are bunching up your chin or flattening your chin out, etc,....

All too often, many trumpet teachers over think these issues and cause their students to over think these issues too.

First things first: learn the 75 techniques necessary to master the brass upper register and if that doesn't work, then take the micro approach!