Trumpet Lessons By Kurt Thompson
I just came across your site by accident. I want to be able to play better and more musically. Won't learning to play a bunch of high notes be a waste of time?



Hmmmmmmmm, check this out: Let's say you could only play one note on any instrument....trumpet, guitar, flute, it really doesn't matter. Now, add a superb professional musician known the world over for his or her performances. How musical will be a performance on that instrument with one note? Now, put the same musician on an 88 key piano. How musical will be that performer be able to play now vs. the one note instrument?

Are you beginning to see the picture? The most gifted and talented musician in the world can only go so far with one note. So, one note at one end of the spectrum and 88 or more notes at the other end.

As brass players, we typically start out with less than 2 octaves of notes or 24 notes and that's if we are a little lucky. ( 12 half steps per octave ). A three year old Suzuki beginning piano student can play all 88 notes and will sound much more musical than a beginning 4th or 5th grader brass player in band for the first time!

Thus, being able to play more notes on a brass instrument doesn't guarantee the player will play more musical, but it does increase his or her odds....or ANY brass instrument for that matter!