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* Has it been a very long time since you played? 5 years? 20 years? 40 years????

* Did it occur to you that you could easily start playing out of the OLD trumpet books and solos you did when you were in highschool?  .....but, that didn't work out so well?

* Did you contact and pay for high priced lessons ( greater than $60 per hour ) thinking that would be the ticket?

* Have you been doing things on the cheap to get your playing back? You know: Hanging out at the forums where even teenagers are giving you advice under anonymous usernames? Watching tons of YouTube Videos? Browsing all over Facebook?

* Did you buy a few books for comeback players?

How do I know about all of the above? Almost every comeback player that decided to get involved with my course TOLD ME THEY HAD BEEN TRYING THE ABOVE, BUT.....WITH LITTLE TO NO SUCCESS AND PLENTY OF FRUSTRATION!


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*The course is all about strategy and includes five 1 hour lessons/coaching sessions with Kurt Thompson via phone or skype.

*It truly doesn't matter which brass instrument you play: TRUMPET, TROMBONE, FRENCH HORN, BARITONE, EUPHONIUM, TUBA. When it comes to getting back on your horn, the strategy and practice is the same for all brass players and is included in this course.

*These five lessons are spread strategically through the 20 week course to ensure your ultimate success.

*This 20 week course also gives you warm up and practice strategies.

*Each week has a video by me for you to watch. 20 Videos Lessons in All!

*I introduce new techniques, tell you EXACTLY how to practice including HOW LONG to practice each day!

*PRACTICE REQUIREMENTS: This is a momentum based course up until Week 10. Daily practice starts out at 15 minutes a day and gradually increases to 1 hour a day by Week 10. After Week 10,you have the option to continue staying at 1 hour of practice each day, but you also have the freedom to move up to 2 hours a day if you were so inclinced.

*The course also suggest the appropriate book for all instruments so whether you play trumpet, trombone, french horn, baritone, or tuba, the appropriate book will be suggested for you and exactly what exercises need to be practiced out of that particular book.

***PLUS tons of Bonus Videos regarding innovative techniques at the end of many of the weekly video lessons.

***If you just think of it in terms of five 1 hour lessons with a professional, then you know you would likely have to pay close to $300 just for those lessons with a local professional brass teacher in your area. This is what makes this course a very smart investment because you get all FIVE one hour lessons with Kurt plus the complete 20 week VIDEO guide and strategy to ensure your come back to the horn is a success. In each video lesson, Kurt talks, teaches, and demonstrates EXACTLY what you need to do.

This is a very well thought out design and strategy for the Comeback Player!



***Now with a bonus: A sample week from Herbert L. Clarke, a sample week from Lead Trumpet, and a sample week form the BIG 16 Week Upper Register Course...included for free!

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