Trumpet Lessons By Kurt Thompson
Clinical Notes


I got Roger Ingram's book, CLINICAL NOTES, and found it a great read with some practical advice. Trumpet Upper Register Course already contains 2 versions of the WEDGE BREATH - Bud Brisbois' original wedge breath and the more Yogi like wedge breath Bobby Shew and Roger use. The hardest technique in The 16 WEEK BRASS UPPER REGISTER COURSE is the 4 octave glissando technique.

Roger advocates doing 1 octave glissandos for range building and I highly concur. However, for hard-core range building and quick results, you gotta do the 4 octave glissando....yes, 4......BIG.....octaves! 

Roger is big on being able to sight read and so am I. However, the 4 month upper register course does not include working on sightreading. Sightreading is worked on including speed the TOP TIER LEAD TRUMPET COURSES!

Roger mentioned he worked out of a book called SWING RHTHYMS by Sonny Durham. I, too, have worked out of that book and actually have it in pdf format. You probably won't be able to find it in production.

Bottom line - Roger's book, CLINICAL NOTES, is worth getting and will help you in all aspects of the trumpet. However, in regards to improving upper register, it contains 4 to 5 techniques compared to the 75 techniques in my 16 week program.