Trumpet Lessons By Kurt Thompson
How does your program compare to the Casual Double C approach?



I have now reviewed all of CASUAL DOUBLE HIGH C. The main technique, well, really the only technique is playing extremely soft on scales heading up to the upper register. My 16 WEEK BRASS UPPER REGISTER COURSE already contains a similar technique. However, Bob Odneal makes good use of Diminished 7th scales and Perfect 4th Intervals heading up into the trumpet upper register. I like that!

So, all in all,  a decent course, but a very brief course with 3 techniques at best. I might consider adding the diminished 7th techniques, but those are more for finesse and accuracy than building high range. I do have some constructed criticism for Bob so if you know him or have contact with him, please let him know the video quality contained in his course is quite poor, in fact, very poor. Since it is just him sitting on his couch playing these soft scales, I would like to see him re-record  those videos with better equipment. Even a $200 digital camcorder from Best Buy would be a significant improvement!