Trumpet Lessons By Kurt Thompson



Kurt Thompson started playing trumpet officially in 5th grade. However, by the end of 6th grade, he was last chair and the worst trumpet player in the band. Kurt enjoyed school sports more at that time. 

During the summer between 6th and 7th grade, Kurt got with a private instructor for the first time and his talent at trumpet became obvious when he actually made an effort. Kurt started 7th grade and by the Christmas concert was 1st chair. Kurt was first chair in almost every band from that point on. 

Kurt auditioned and made 1st chair and/or solo trumpet at Tennessee All-State Band. 

Kurt received a full music scholarship to Austin Peay State University where he became 1st chair in every music organization there. Kurt was known in college for his rendition of Maynard's "Gabriel" and other Maynard Ferguson solos.

Kurt attained the B.S. MUSIC EDUCATION degree from Austin Peay State University and has taught K-12 in various capacities and K-5 as a contracted Music Teacher.

This video of Kurt was sent to Maynard Ferguson in CA and for an open Lead Book Audition for the Navy Commodores. Kurt was invited down to NTSU to meet Maynard and some other potential candidates at the university. 

Kurt also was personally invited by The Navy Commodore's spokesperson, Jon T. Youngdahl.  In fact, you can listen to the voicemail left by Jon Youngdahl of the Navy Commodore's inviting Kurt for the final audition here plus you can listen to the actual audtion tape Kurt submitted to both Maynard Ferguson and The Navy Commodore's:



...Notwithstanding the last so many years, Kurt has performed in too many bands to list here, but Broadway shows at OPRYLAND U.S.A, BUSCH GARDENS, KING'S ISLAND, numerous recording sessions in Nashville, Cincinnati, Seattle, Touring with The Jordanaires ( Neil Matthews and Gordon Stoker...Elvis' back up singers from when he first was on the Ed Sullivan Show).


Kurt and the Jazz Collegean's did a joint concert with the Airmen of Note and you can listen to how Kurt performed that night here:



Kurt has taught more than 1500 trumpet students in a private setting in addition to teaching Band and General Elementary Music.

Of the 1500 students taught, more than 300 are advanced and professional brass players that have participated in Kurt Thompson's 4 Month Upper Register Course.




  • Maynard Ferguson 
  • Maurice Andre
  • Bud Brisbois 
  • Bill Chase 
  • Doc Severinsen 

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