Trumpet Lessons By Kurt Thompson

claude gordon pedal tones for trumpetjames stamp trumpet pedal toneslouis maggio trumpet pedal tones

(from left to right: Claude Gordon, James Stamp, then Louis Maggio is actually in the middle of two of his students....with Rafael Mendez and  Phil Candreva)


Pedal Tone Video Tutorial With Mastery Test


In this particular trumpet video tutorial you get:


1. A Pedal Tone Test for Trumpet: Yes, this is THE test that will prove whether you have mastered trumpet pedal tones or not...END OF STORY!


2. An in depth discussion of pedal tones and the 5 tiers as they relate to trumpet. This is a unique one of a kind study that Kurt Thompson discovered and researched. Google it! You won't find anyone, anywhere with this laser, microscopic detailed explanation of pedal tones! (unless they copied Kurt Thompson)

Only $11.66 for information that will likely change your playing...AND POWER!

....Claude Gordon, James Stamp, Louis Maggio.....Pioneers in Pure Trumpet Pedagogy, and Pedal Tones!

.....Kurt Thompson....Originator of the 5 Tiers of Pedal Tones! Nobody has disected pedal tones, the levels, and the characteristics of pedals the way Kurt Thompson has.